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A week from today, Tight Artists Net Gang (the folks that do all the art for this here Deathbomb Arc tumblr) are doing their first ever IRL artshow! Going down at The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, FL, the show will include art from :

Hunter Payne
Adam Harms
Mary Rachel Kostreva
Nick Marcus
Jeffrey Henderson
Kalan Sherrard
Douglas Schatz
Aaron Chan
Hugh Duckworth
Keith DeNatale
Skyler Schubert
Joel Cook
Diego Deleon
Lane Stewart
Nicole Killian
Kaja Anderson
Julia Litman-Cleper
Will Neilbergall
Andy Eo
Alli Crawford
Christopher Jones
Marcus Latcham
Simon Slowinski
Andrew Fenlon

For more info, check out their press release here. Facebook rsvp here.

Flier art by: TANG (of course)

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