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Beautiful/Decay just published this nice lengthy interview with artist Adam Roth. Roth’s art is inspired by action figures the way that I, and I think all kids, love them. For being portals into bonkers, off the wall, worlds of color and anything goes. The trend of indie-action figures being designy and minimal just seems like a big poop taken on why toys are fun. As Roth notes in this biographical article, he hopes to go from doing paintings to actual action figures soon. I sure hope that happens. He gets it.

Does your love of collecting and drawing toys have something to do with that time in your life?

Absolutely. And the way I tend to justify my voracious toy collecting is that when I was a kid, toys seemed to represent this happy place for me to escape to, as did drawing. I didn’t have to think about what was going on with my body, since I could just retreat to my imagination. And my parents, for better or worse, bought me a lot of toys – especially when rough stuff was happening. So, getting home to play with new toys became my incentive for getting through surgeries. Consequently, I think they’ll forever represent an escape from pain, from reality.

Lots of images in this article as well, including art he made for the Back To The Future The Ride cassette 'Neutrino Based Lifeforms'. Go see his work in person starting on April 12th at Homeroom in LA.

Art by: kiptok

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