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The process of getting all the releases by Back To The Future The Ride (member of Foot Village, True Neutral, Gang Wizard) available digitally is now almost complete. Today the ‘Neutrino Based Lifeforms’ cassette has been added to the Deathbomb bandcamp page. This leaves just the ‘Pronoia Sunsets’ cassette to post. But at the moment lets talk about this neutrino one. It is the only Back To The Future The Ride release that is programmatic. Not a musical word used much. To be honest, I had to look it up to remind myself. It just means that it is music that literally represents a narrative. Each sound being a specific character, event, action, etc. The most famous music like this might be “Peter and the Wolf”. Curious what this all sounds like? Well, now you can stream it for free! If you love it, the cassette version is still available over at 5nakefork Records. (It is the only Back To The Future The Ride release still available in physical format, btw!) The art is from the genius known as Adam Roth!

Art by: pummp

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