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We have all been waiting a long time for this. Ever since his debut album ‘Untitled’ in 2010, E+E has been an act we all love to death. E+E’s road has been a mysterious one though with just unexpected stabs into the internet from time to time; performances announced only a mere hours before the occur. And now the official 2nd E+E album! But of course it is done in mysterious fashion. E+E says this is both the official 2nd album ‘Promise’ and a mixtape at the same time. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that we live in a post-Girl Talk world though and this isn’t really an issue. Besides, there may be a lot of sampling going on here, but it is mostly original music. So, as the cyberhunks say, Deal With It!

The thing that really makes this new album mysterious is the manner it has been released. Somehow even less corporeal than a self-released digital album, it is only available as a post on the mp3 blog Weird Magic. So Deal With THAT! And by deal with that I mean go over to the Weird Magic site and get E+E’s new album ‘Promise’

Art by: GucciSoFlosy

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