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Huffington Post has given Patrick Wensink his own column. For his first installment he talks about the alchemy that is press and marketing. For a guy that has suddenly become a minor literary ultrastar, his outlook is a bit grim… or realistic? You’ll have to decide for yourself. I will say this though: Very kind of him to link to Deathbomb Arc in the article. Deathbomb Arc and Huffington Post together for the first time. Hopefully their next Deathbomb related article will be about something about nude pics of our CEO, Leroy Brown

Publicity is the alchemy of the literary world. If someone knew how to consistently turn lead to gold, well, then, there’d be a lot less lead cracking our bookshelves.

But the secret is, we don’t know what we’re doing. (I say “we” because my publisher can’t afford marketing and since I spent about $100 mailing out review copies, I am, technically, a publicist, too.) The old ways of getting a review in respected magazines and being interviewed on Charlie Rose don’t sell books. We publicists tell ourselves it does, but that’s just so we have reasons not to lie our head on a train track.

Patrick Wensink’s novel and audiobook (on Deathbomb Arc! With score by True Neutral!), Broken Piano For President, is available via Amazon.

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