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Captain Ahab has announced that their last performance ever will be on Friday November 2nd, at the Smell in Los Angeles, CA. This announcement was made late last night via the video attached to this post. If you feel like you need some sort of explanation for why this is happening, please do make sure to watch the video. It explains everything perfectly in traditional Captain Ahab terms. 

It has been an incredible honor working with Captain Ahab for many years now. The first time I met Jonathan, after some brief internet correspondence, he hit me up for a ride down to San Diego to play a show. I had never met him, but a mini-road trip was an amazing way to meet someone. Then I got to see him play live. My life has never been the same since.

Both Jonathan and Jim are, of course, not quitting being artists. More on their future endeavors later though. In the meantime, please mark your calendars, book your flights, and definitely, organize your road trips to Los Angeles. This is going to be a historical show.

Fri Nov 2
at The Smell
facebook rsvp
Captain Ahab
Toxic Lipstick (from Australia)
Foot Village
Books on Tape

Video by: Lawrence Klein 

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    …this is a departure from the usual because a chapter of my youth is ending :(
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