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A year ago? Two years ago? Our friend Jason Baxter, from the amazing Seattle band U.S.F., starting writing a comic called ‘Trip Fantastic’. Derek Charm illustrates the stories and together they’ve truly gone all out, providing the comics both for free online and publishing slick physical copies as well. With aesthetics very similar to his tropical obsessed music, ‘Trip Fantastic’ adds huge action and comedy elements. Considering that one of their main influences is eternally insane ‘Baywatch Nights’, this is no surprise. The comic has been an underground hit and I won’t be surprised if come a decade from now there is a ‘Trip Fantastic’ movie (or even better, USA Network style tv show, ala Silk Stockings… please…) For now though, Comics Alliance has lent their credibility to the project with a loving and lengthy interview. Be sure to check it out!

Now for your tie-ins!
Jason’s band, U.S.F. on Deathbomb Digital Singles Club!
Derek’s incredible artwork for the U.S.F. / Back To The Future The Ride tour:

gif art: Derek Charm (of course!)

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