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I am very excited to finally be able to show you the film I’ve been making for the past few months. ‘Reyes of El Sereno’ is a video portrait of the Los Angeles artist Albert Reyes and the haunted house he has built in his backyard. As most Deathbomb followers know, I am a huge fan of DIY backyard haunts. This film is the first in a series I’m doing about the people that make haunts like this.

I hope you enjoy the film! And I hope it inspires you to find some local diy haunts to visit… or even make your own!!

For a list of my favorite Los Angeles haunts, check out this post. And be sure to go see Albert’s work (including a mini-maze) at the Giant Robot Biennale 3!

Also, if you like the music for this film, you can grab a free copy of it on the Deathbomb site. It was composed by S.R. Cano, known to most as tik///tik.

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    ‘Reyes of El Sereno’ is the first in a series of short films Brian Miller is making about the folkart of backyard...
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    I MADE THIS FILM! WOAH! It is perfect for Halloween time, I promise! Please watch, and please share! Thank you so...
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