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First of all, happy end of the world to you! We know there are many obstacles to face with such a big event, so we have set up the Foot Village Emergency Response # to help you out! Give us a call right now to make sure you survive! (951) 262 2552 

Once you are done with that, and living safely in the post-End of the World world, please join us in the excitement that is OUR FOURTH ALBUM, ‘MAKE MEMORIES’ BEING ON PRESALE!!!

There are 100 limited rainbow swirl vinyl 12” copies, normal vinyl 12”, digipak cd, pro-dubbed cassette, and even a teeshirt version! All come with a digital download. Pre-order now at:

AND we have a new music video! For a song from this new album! The song is called “The End of the World” and you can see it below:

Also! Many thanks to Spin Magazine, Fader, and Ad Hoc for helping announce this new album! Please take a moment to show them your appreciation and go click “like” or “tweet” or even the “wowzers” button at these articles!

Foot Village

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