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Today! Today is that day! The biggest day in #Grunge2 history! Both Black Pus and Foot Village have dropped new albums, both in stores and online today. The Black Pus album is on Thrill Jockey and the Foot Village album is on Northern Spy. If your local store has been too stoned to order their copies yet, just politely let them know to get some through Redeye Distribution (who is handling both!) Or, of course, you can get them online!

Order Foot Village ‘Make Memories’ via Northern Spy
Order Black Pus ‘All My Relations’ via Thrill Jockey

And while you’re at, why not pre-order the new Black Pus 12” ‘0’ on Deathbomb Arc?

Happy #Grunge2 day everyone!

Black Pus on Deathbomb Arc.
Foot Village on Deathbomb Arc.

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